Thou and The Body - You, Whom I Have Always Hated (2015)

Автор: Helltrain | 2 февраля 2015 | Просмотров: 3932 Mp3, Lossless
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Thou and The Body - You, Whom I Have Always Hated (2015)

Thou and The Body - You, Whom I Have Always Hated (2015)

Исполнитель: Thou and The Body
Альбом: You, Whom I Have Always Hated
Страна: USA
Дата выпуска: 2015
Жанр: Sludge Metal / Drone Metal / Doom Metal
Формат: mp3, CBR 320 Kbps (FLAC-Rip) / FLAC (tracks)
114 Mb / 323 Mb

Треклист :
01. The Wheel Weaves As the Wheel Wills
02. Manifest Alchemy
03. In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer
04. Coward
05. Her Strongholds Unvanquishable
06. The Devils of Trust Steal the Souls of the Free
07. Terrible Lie
08. Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity
09. He Returns to the Place of His Iniquity
10. Lurking Fear

This is not a split album, but rather a collaboration between The Body & Thou. CD is packaged in an old style tip-on gatefold package with insert. The CD contains the brand new album You, Whom I Have Always Hated in addition to the 2014 album Released From Love (previously only released on vinyl and never available digitally or on CD).

Thou and The Body - You, Whom I Have Always Hated (2015)

mp3, CBR 320 Kbps (FLAC-Rip):

FLAC (tracks):


Thou, The Body, 2015, Sludge Metal, Drone Metal, Doom Metal

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#1 написал: panthymonium         25 января 2015 12:52

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по музыке - как если бы Godflesh вдруг заиграли doom-metal, по энергетике очень похоже. А вообще - моща несусветная! Я опробовал данное произведение на большой громкости, цепляет реально, хотя sludge - как стиль не очень люблю, слишком уж нравится им гитары жирнющим дисторшном перегружать, оттого и грязи по шею. Но эта тема мне понравилась. af

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#2 написал: Саша- лучший друг         25 января 2015 19:15

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Best Friend
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Спасибо огромное!


DEATH_core (death, metalcore/pdcore)

OTHER (металороковая_каша)


POST (постотища)

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#3 написал: Самуил Маршак         25 января 2015 19:34

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На здоровье!
Цитата: panthymonium
опробовал данное произведение на большой громкости, цепляет реально

Попробовал и я прогнать громо и не в ушах - отвал башни.

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#4 написал: Alisaman         25 января 2015 22:01

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вокал слишком истеричный, не катит. по музыке скажу да.


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#5 написал: selitski         25 января 2015 22:37

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над Резнором поиздевались, нушозалюди)

упд, и чето тут песен не хватает, включая кавер на Чеснатта

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#6 написал: Neith         26 января 2015 16:30

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Цитата: Самуил Маршак
отвал башни


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#7 написал: Dying Fetus         1 февраля 2015 07:19

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Ахуитительно. Давно уже угораю по Thou. Для меня они просто эталон жырного звука.

Человек человеку волк.

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#8 написал: Loader-911         2 февраля 2015 16:31

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Вредный ворчливый старпер Портала
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I'm so post-rock I shit sad birds

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#9 написал: yytx         31 марта 2015 09:49

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Product Description
The Body and Thou are bands with Southern roots that have been pushing the boundaries of heavy metal for over a decade. Both have maintained relentless touring schedules, a dedication to DIY ethics and aesthetics, and a commitment to push their respective brands of extreme music into previously unexplored territories. You, Whom I Have Always Hated is a new collaborative release that showcases both bands unique abilities to create music that is emotionally effecting and unrelenting.

On You, Whom I Have Always Hated, each band s distinctive elements shine through and combine to create something more visceral than the sum of their parts. While the groups have different approaches to live performance and stylistic nuances, they share general creative ideas and have a history subsumed in themes of alienation, melancholy, and despair. They describe the new collaboration as a twilight dungeon crawl exploring the winding, ruined halls of Mad King Duro s Castle, best friends at your side, enemies crushed beneath your heels, mysteries solved, and treasures found.

The CD and digital versions of the release combine recordings by long time Thou engineer James Whitten (originally released only on LP as Released From Love on Vinyl Rites) and new material recorded by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza of Machines with Magnets, long-time engineers for The Body. In keeping with Thou s tradition of 90s worship and The Body's knack for ingenuity, the release includes versions of Terrible Lie by Nine inch Nails and Coward by Vic Chesnutt. The remainder was written collaboratively in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then further refined on their 2014 tour together. The tour culminated in a performance at the Gilead Metal Fest in July. The Body and Thou plan to reunite in the latter half of 2015 for some more Dungeons and Dragons and possibly even some touring.
Thou s Bryan Funck issues searing verses, while The Body s Chip King shrieks the Terrible Lie hook, until righteously dumb-as-hell breakdowns slam this industrial sad-bastard fest into the damn ground. --Npr: First Listen

Dirge-like, with a noisy weird passage in the middle, it has a slowly lumbering pace, but majestically so, with a sense of epic drama. --Brainwashed

Gleefully pulling apart the fundamentals of metal and picking over the corpse, piece by agonising piece. --Metal Hammer


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