Penthouse Letters - Collection (2012)

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Penthouse Letters - Collection (2012)

Название (Name): Penthouse Letters
Год выпуска (Year): 2012
Месяц (Month): Collection
Страна (Country): United States of America
Описание (Description): XXX+18
Язык (Language): English
Формат (Format): PDF+Video
Размер (Size): 841 Mb

Penthouse Letters - приложение к популярнейшему мужскому развлекательному журналу. Редакция Penthouse получала от своих читателей так много писем с любовными историями, что решила опубликовать лучшие истории в отдельном издании.

Penthouse Letters - Collection (2012)

Penthouse Letters Magazine is a compilation of letters submitted by Penthouse's own readership that recount their real-life sexual experiences, as well as fictional fantasies. The stories are erotic in nature, and describe every steamy moment of the adventure in detail. The submissions to Penthouse Letters are also accompanied by explicit pornographic pictures to enhance your reading pleasure. The publication offers individuals the opportunity to uninhibitedly narrate their hottest sexual encounters, deviant secrets, and naughty partners. Penthouse Letters Magazine is “keeping a finger on the pulse of porn” for you.


Penthouse, 2012

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