Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (1969) [Reissue 2005]

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Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (1969) [Reissue 2005]

Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (1969) [Reissue 2005]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 91 Mb | Scans | Time: 38:24
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Psych | Label: Akarma | Cat.№: AK 059

Red Weather was the first solo project from the lead guitarist of Blue Cheer. Originally released on the Phillips/Mercury label in 1969, the album immediately became a favorite on the underground music scene and established Stevens as a solo act.

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Track Listing

1. Another Dose Of Life (4:45)
2. Drifting (6:36)
3. Indians (4:46)
4. I Grow Higher (5:37)
5. Red Weather (3:15)
6. If You Choose Too (5:10)
7. Joannie Mann (5:00)
8. Chicken Pot Pie (3:15)

Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (1969) [Reissue 2005]

The music on Red Weather was dramatically different than that of Blue Cheer, with a well structured psychedelic sound like Quicksilver or the Grateful Dead rather than the sledgehammer hard rock sound of his former band. Recorded in England at the Trident Studios with the help of Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, drummer Mick Waller from the Jeff Beck Group, and Kevin Westlake from Blossom Toes, the album was hailed as a masterpiece by many British rock fans but was equally dismissed by Blue Cheer fans. The album contained eight songs that highlighted Stevens songwriting ability rather than his guitar prowess. After nearly 30 years the album was rereleased complete with the original psychedelic artwork cover. ~ Review by Keith Pettipas

Produced by Eric Albronda & Leigh Stephens, Lou Reizner


• Leigh Stephens (ex: Blue Cheer) : guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
• Kevin Westlake : drums, vocals (’’Joannie Mann’’)
• Eric Albronda : vocals (’’If You Choose Too’’)
• Ian Stewart : keyboards
• Mick Waller : drums
• Nicky Hopkins : piano


This LP was recorded at Trident Studios in London by Robin Cable. The artwork was taken from a photo at the old Sutro Baths in San Francisco, ca and incorporated into an original artwork.




Leigh Stephens, Blue Cheer, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Psych, 1969, 2005

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