Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly - CPR (1992)

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Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly - CPR (1992)

Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly - CPR (1992)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 129 Mb | Scans | Time: 50:12
Genre: Hard Rock, Shred, Guitar Virtuoso | Label: Guitar Recordings | Cat.№: 9714-99202-2

These guys really shine! Each of them is a master of his own instrument. Randy Coven has a bass that kills and Al Pitrelli is really a great guy with a lot of solos, with some "liquid guitar" solos that resembles in some cases Steve Morse and Steve Howe, while O'Reilly makes a background of technical hard drums, as well as a host of special guests - Zakk Wylde, Vito Bratta, and Steve Morse...


Track Listing

1. CPR (3:35)
2. Sbass Secrets (3:59)
3. Back In Black (AC/DC cover) (4:57)
4. E-11 (3:41)
5. With You (3:49)
6. Two Girls (4:11)
7. Minute Mouse (3:44)
8. I Wish (Stevie Wonder cover) (4:49)
9. Screaminin Scranton (3:45)
10. Monday (6:40)
11. Vinyl Frontier (3:37)
12. Mutley (3:25)

Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly - CPR (1992)

Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly - CPR (1992)

Produced by John Six with Randy Coven


• Randy Coven (R.I.P. 2014) - Bass and Piccolo bass guitars
• Al Pitrelli - Electric guitars
• John O. Reilly - Drums, Percussion

Also featured on:
’’E-11’’ - Vito Bratta plays first, third and fifth solo. Al Pitrelli slams the rest.
’’Back In Black’’ - lead vocal by Randy Jackson. Middle solos by Vito Bratta and Mark Hitt. End solos by Zakk Wylde, Mark Wood (double neck Violator) and Randy Jackson. All rhythm and Angus riffs by Al Pitrelli. Background vocals by Randy Jackson, Vito Bratta, Mark Wood, Mark Hitt, Al Pitrelli and Bert Carey.
’’Two Girls’’ - keyboards and solo by Jimmy Yaeger.
’’Minute Mouse’’ - solo by Steve Morse.
’’I Wish’’ - lead vocal and end solo by Zakk Wylde. Guitar fills by Al Pitrelli and keyboard horns by Jimmy Yaeger.
’’Mutley’’ - vocal by Vito Bratta, Mark Hitt, Randy Jackson, Al Pitrelli, John Stix and Mark Wood.




Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly, Randy Coven, Al Pitrelli, Hard Rock, Shred, Guitar Virtuoso, 1992

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