Maneige - Les Porches (1975) [Remastered 2007]

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Maneige - Les Porches (1975) [Remastered 2007]

Maneige - Les Porches (1975) [Remastered 2007]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 108 Mb | Scans | Time: 40:38
Genre: Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Fusion | Label: ProgQuébec | Cat.№: MPM25

This legendary band's second album is now finally available on CD! Following hot on the heels of the eponymous "Maneige" released the same year (and also now available on CD), "Les Porches" showcased a group that had more musical ideas that it had album space, with over an album's worth of previously unreleased tracks still left over and appearing in ProgQuebec's live archival releases from the same vintage. This would be Maneige's last recorded experimental hurrah before Jerome Langlois' departure and the band's transition towards a more accessible sound. Former L'Infonie singer and trumpetist Raôul Duguay's appearance in the title track is but one of the memorable moments contained within the 1975 album's four compositions. Also an essential purchase!

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Track Listing

1. Les Porches de Notre-Dame (19:15)
2. La Grosse Torche (1:27)
3. Les Aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone (15:41)
4. Chromo (4:15)

Produced by Lee de Carlo

Maneige - Les Porches (1975) [Remastered 2007]

The Band

• Alain Bergeron - flute, saxophone
• Jérôme Langlois - piano, clarinet, guitar
• Vincent Langlois - piano, percussion
• Yves Léonard - electric bass, double bass
• Gilles Schetagne - drums, percussion

Guest musicians:
Paul Picard: bongo, xylophone
Denis Lapierre: electric guitar
Raôul Duguay: trumpets, vocals
Peter Schenkman, Albert Pratz, Walter Babiak, Bill Richards: violin


Often termed scholarly, classical, and even obscure in its early days, Maneige then moved towards a more popular group sound especially after the departure of Jérôme Langlois in 1976. While keeping its original direction and spirit of musical experiment, the group achieved a synthesis of different styles. It tackled genres as different as jazz, rock, disco, blues, folk, classical, and electronic music.




Maneige, 1975, 2007, Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Fusion

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