Separatist - Motionless (2014)

Автор: gvedas | 7 февраля 2014 | Просмотров: 1101 Mp3
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Separatist - Motionless (2014)

Артист: Separatist
Альбом: Motionless
Год: 2014
Жанр: Technical Death Metal / Progressive Death Metal
Страна: Australia
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 138 mb


01. Prelude (00:34)
02. The Reprieve (06:12)
03. Plagues (05:19)
04. A Gentle Reminder (05:40)
05. Anaclasis (05:29)
06. Untitled (04:22)
07. In Dissonant Silence I : Censura (03:58)
08. In Dissonant Silence II : Decessus (07:05)
09. The Earth Defiled (05:27)
10. I Despise (04:33)
11. Like Shattered Stars (04:37)
12. The Harvest (06:30)

переиздание первого альбома "The Motionless Apocalypse"

Separatist - Motionless (2014)

Separatist - Motionless (2014)


Separatist, Technical Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Australia, 2014

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#2 написал: gvedas         8 февраля 2014 03:11

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Long story short, I used to sing and write music for a band called Separatist out of Tasmania, Australia. We broke up back in 2011 after losing our almost completed 2nd album, but I got sick of having all these songs I'd written sitting on my hard drive in the form of guitar pro files going to waste, so I decided about a year ago to re-record the whole thing on my own (with the exception of some sweet guitar lines recorded by our then guitarist Mitch Osborne), and while I was at it, I re-recorded the entire first album, The Motionless Apocalypse, too, because I figured that album had some pretty serious flaws *cough cough terrible clean singing cough* that I could probably do considerably better nowadays. So, after about a year or so of slaving away on and off in the studio, I have finally released both the new album, 'Closure', and the redone first album, named 'Motionless'.

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