Pilgrym - Pilgrimage (2004)

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Pilgrym - Pilgrimage (2004)

Pilgrym - Pilgrimage (2004)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 155.29 Mb | Scans | Time: 54:57
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog | Label: Transubstans Records | Cat.№: TRANS 002

This is really a superb album, with some really great compositions from Wells (some co-worked with Drake) where you get nods and hints to, let me name a few: Asia, Camel & Magnum. The guitar mastery of Tony Drake are all over the place, with some very delicious Latimer/Gilmoresque like lead's!! The compositions are light and airy, as opposed to bombast and massive, giving the musicians time to let feel and imaginative sequences shine! Andy Wells, doing most of the lead vocals, has a fine voice not unlike a young John Wetton & a bit of Bob Catley (Magnum), the rest of the band deserves kudo's as well, as all is in the right place at the right time. One can only speculate as to why this album didn't take the prog society with storm way back then?! Was it due to ignorants like me? Nevermind here it is again, hopefully correcting that error. Highly recommended to any serious prog collector and/ or lovers of great music! Wonderful stuff!


Track Listing

1. Circus Of The Absurd (7:57)
2. Ghosts Of Years (6:01)
3. Believe Me Now (4:52)
4. Building A Perfect Universe (Part I) (4:41)
i. Endless Space
ii. The Spark
iii. Creating God
5. Building A Perfect Universe (Part II) (5:03)
i. Understanding The Machine
ii. All That You See
6. Song Of The Albatross (7:01)
7. Black Sun (7:16)
8. Reborn (Live) (Bonus track) (6:20)
9. Circus (Edit) (Bonus track) (5:46)

Produced by Andy Wells

Pilgrym - Pilgrimage (2004)

The Band

Andy Wells - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ, mellotron, synthesizers
Tony Drake - vocals, guitars & lead guitar
Kevin Mulvihill - kit and percussion
Oliver Drake - additional guitar & bass
Mike Syslo - bass ("Circus & Reborn")
Emma Louise Pearson - keyboards ("Reborn Live")


Rusfolder | Turbobit


Pilgrym, Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog, 2004

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