Somewhere off Jazz Street - Learning To Forget (2013)

Автор: Самуил Маршак | 20 января 2014 | Просмотров: 725 Mp3
Somewhere off Jazz Street - Learning To Forget (2013)

Somewhere off Jazz Street
Learning To Forget
Electronic / Dark Jazz / Atmospheric / Instrumental
mp3 320 kbps (+Scans)
142 Mb

Треклист :
1. Prelude
2. Somewhere In Space
3. Walk On
4. With Head Held High
5. Amid the Static and the Noise
6. Crying Sky (Learning to Forget)
7. Let It Take You There
8. Linger
9. If I Couldn't
10. Mess Me Up
11. A Place You Know
12. Wait and See
13. Confession

Somewhere off Jazz Street is the one man electronic jazz project of musician Buz Hendricks. The music is a mix of jazz, electronics and improvisation and features the sound of the saxophone. The sax and all the parts are played using a keyboard, the computer and various music programs.
Buz, a former student of New York jazz pianist Joanne Brackeen, has worked in jazz and rock bands, taught piano for over a decade and recieved a National Endownment for the Arts grant for jazz piano. The Sax.Somewhere off Jazz Street is music inspired by jazz and the saxophone, but is not jazz or even a real saxophone. «For years I played jazz piano but found myself listening more to the saxophonists than the piano players.» «With computer technology and virtual instruments , I could finally play the sound I was hearing.»
Every note of the saxophone sound that you hear is played live from the keyboard.
The other instruments and sounds you hear are also made in the computer. Most are played on the keyboard but a few are programmed into the computer.

Somewhere off Jazz Street - Learning To Forget (2013)

Somewhere off Jazz Street - Learning To Forget (2013)


Somewhere off Jazz Street, Electronic, Dark Jazz, Atmospheric, Istrumental, 2013

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