Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - First Movement [Compilation] (1987)

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Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - First Movement [Compilation] (1987)

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - First Movement [Compilation] (1987)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 167.51 Mb | Scans | Time: 1:08:33
Genre: Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Art Rock | Label: EMI | Cat.№: CDP 7 46713 2

The album is focused on the core trio of Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, and Bev Bevan who were the remaining members of rock group The Move. The Move were still releasing singles in the UK at the same time as this project was undertaken, but interest was soon to be abandoned in Wood's former band. The sound is unique on this recording in comparison to the more slickly produced ELO albums of the subsequent Lynne years, incorporating many wind instruments and replacing guitar parts with heavy, "sawing" cello riffs, giving this recording an experimental "Baroque-and-roll" feel; indeed, "The Battle of Marston Moor" is the most baroque-influenced track on the album. On this track, Roy Wood, in addition to playing virtually all the instruments, had to provide the percussion as well because Bev Bevan, normally the group's percussionist and drummer, refused to play on the track because of his low opinion of it. However, the overall musical connection to The Beatles (it had been stated by the bandmembers that ELO was formed to "pick up where The Beatles left off...") is quite apparent in this album.

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Track Listing

1. First Movement (Jumping Biz) (3:00)
2. Look At Me Now (3:18)
3. 10538 Overture (Complete Version) (5:30)
4. Queen Of The Hours (3:23)
5. The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644) (6:04)
6. Mr Radio (5:05)
7. Kuiama (11:16)
8. Roll Over Beethoven (Complete Version) (4:34)
9. From The Sun To The World (Boogie No. 1) (8:18)
10. Momma (7:05)
11. In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2) (6:51)
12. Showdown (4:09)

Produced by Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - First Movement [Compilation] (1987)

The Band

Jeff Lynne: Vocals, guitar, Moog, harmonium, piano, electric guitar, percussion & bass
Roy Wood: Vocals, cello, oboe, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, string bass, basson, clarinet, recorders, slide guitar & percussion
Bev Bevan: Percussion & drums
Richard Tandy: Moog, piano, guitar, harmonium & vocal harmonies
Michael D´Albuquerque: Bass & vocal harmonies
Colin Walker: Violin
Wilf Gibson: Violin
Mike Edwards: Cello
Bill Hunt: French horn & hunting horn
Steve Woolam: Violin


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Electric Light Orchestra, ELO, Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Art Rock, 1987

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