Sand - Sand (2013)

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Sand - Sand (2013)

Sand (Project by Sam Healy ex: North Atlantic Oscillation) - Sand (2013) Digipack
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 118.31 Mb | Scans | Time: 43:13
Genre: Rock, Post-Rock, Progressive Rock | Label: Snapper Music/Kscope | Cat.№: KSCOPE270

The debut album from new project by Sam Healy (North Atlantic Oscillation). During the last few years North Atlantic Oscillation have been steadily building both their fanbase and their reputation.

Sand | Wikipedia | Kscope Music

Track Listing

1. Life Is Too Easy (5:50)
2. Clay (4:35)
3. Destroyer (6:57)
4. Meanwhile (4:19)
5. On A Spent Sea (3:02)
6. Astray (5:30)
7. Elegy For The Old Forty-Foot (1:35)
8. A Pill To Keep The 'Plane From Crashing (6:37)
9. Don't Nod (0:48)
10. Red Queen Freezes (4:00)

Produced by Sam Healy

Sand - Sand (2013)


Sam Healy (NAO) - all instruments, vocals


This change in process has resulted in an album which, while still sure to appeal to fans of Healy’s previous work, has a more intimate and personal feel, both sonically and thematically.

Melodic passages and conventional pop structures are framed by striking changes in dynamics, to create a dramatic sonic palette which ranges from the barely audible to wildly loud and back again, often within the same track. The album also has a slightly warmer, less alien feel than NAO recordings, with instruments less likely to be heavily treated and distorted beyond recognition.

The album, in fact, at times seems to plant its flag in Canterbury scene territory, its creators having meandered towards an almost Caravan-esque sound via the likes of more recent progressives including Boards Of Canada and the ubiquitous Sigur Rós.


Rusfolder | Turbobit


Sand, North Atlantic Oscillation, Post-Rock, Progressive Rock, 2013

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