Monument - The First Monument (1971) [Reissue 1995]

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Monument - The First Monument (1971) [Reissue 1995]

Monument - The First Monument (1971) [Reissue 1995]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 86.78 Mb | Scans | Time: 34:12
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Prog, Psychedelic Rock | Label: Audio Archives | Cat.№: AACD010

Reissue of rare 1971 heavy UK occult rock with loud gnarling vocals and dark spooky prog rock tunes. Fans of Horse, Zior, Necromandus, Black Widow, Black Sabbath, etc...check this out.

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Track Listing

1. Dog Man (3:19)
2. Stale Flesh (3:50)
3. Don't Run Me Down (2:27)
4. Give Me Life (3:52)
5. The Metamorphis Tango (3:55)
6. Boneyard Bumne (4:28)
7. First Taste Of Love (3:24)
8. And She Goes (2:35)
9. Overture For Limp Piano In C (3:31)
10. I'm Coming Back (2:51)

Produced by Keith Bonsor & Bill Farley

Monument - The First Monument (1971) [Reissue 1995]

The Band

Steven Lowe - keyboards, vocals
Wes Truvor - guitar
Jake Brewster - drums
Marve Fletchley - bass


By 1971, when this album was first released, it had become somewhat trendy amongst the underground fraternity to actively participate in practises such as ritual magic, occult arts and various other esoteric customs.

With music very much to the fore of this scene, a twilight culture unfurled linking mysticism to it in the form of groups inspired by their own self interest and beliefs.

While special imagery and gimmicks were an all important part of such groups presentation there were those, like Monument, whose fascination for the occult drove them away from seeking to glamourise their image. Vocalist and keyboardsman Steven Lowe was a founder member of a witches coven in Essex and this keen interest in the ancient craft served to shape much of the lyrical content of their sole album, which is steeped in sorcery and mysticism.

Monument were short-lived, unlike some of the more commercial outfits with similar leanings striving for recognition. Most notable of these were, of course, Black Widow who achieved mild success by shocking audiences with a premeditated act that included actual animal sacrifices live on stage. Enough notice was taken to ensure a healthy diary of bookings and the release of three LPs.

For Monument and the majority of the other like-minded bands caught up in this precarious adventure there was to be no saviour waiting in the wings helping them on to greater things.

Of all the late ‘60s / early ‘ 70s bands that professed a genuine interest in the occult Black Sabbath achieved the most success. Ironically, at the outset, they were largely inclined to distance themselves as figureheads of occultism in rock, preferring instead to rely on the strength of their music rather than upholding an image.

Set out below, in no particular order is a list of groups or artistes from this period who were heavily influenced by the occult.

Necromandus, Horse / Saturnalia, Pesky Gee / Black Widow, Graham Bond & Magick, Dr. Z, Zior, The Ghost, Coven (US group), Monument, Alex Sanders (High priest of Wicca) and, of course, Black Sabbath.


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Monument, Zior, Hard Rock, Heavy Prog, Psychedelic Rock, 1971, 1995

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