Patrick Moraz - Change of Space (2009)

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Patrick Moraz - Change of Space (2009)

Patrick Moraz (ex: Yes, The Moody Blues, Mainhorse) - Change of Space (2009)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 153.52 Mb | Scans | Time: 59:54
Genre: Progressive Rock, Electronic, Experimental | Label: TimeWave Music | Cat.№: IDVP020CD

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Track Listing

1. Peace In Africa (4:53)
2. Change Of Space (8:19)
3. Sonique Prinz Suite: Movement 1 (2:16)
4. Sonique Prinz Suite: Movement 2 (2:39)
5. Sonique Prinz Suite: Movement 3 (5:25)
6. One Day In June (7:28)
7. Cum Spiritu (4:53)
8. The Power Of Emotion (6:01)
9. Stellar Rivers & Streams Of Lucid Dreams: Movements 1 - 3 (6:37)
10. Stellar Rivers & Streams Of Lucid Dreams: Movement 4 (5:31)
11. Alien Spaces (5:52)

Produced by Patrick Moraz

Patrick Moraz - Change of Space (2009)


Patrick Moraz (Refugee, Yes, The Moody Blues, Mainhorse, Vímana): keys (all), Moog solo (1, 2), bass synth (6), synth bass (9/10), vocal chant (1), percussion (1), drums programmation (3-5), Roland AXIS solos (4)
Don Adey: lead vocals (1), chant vocals (1)
Alex Ligertwood: lead vocals (2, 8)
Nicol Mecerova: soprano lead vocal (10), additional vocals (1, 2, 8), chant vocals (1), group vocals (2, 8)
Bunny Brunel: electric basses (1, 2, 7, 8), fretless bass solo (2, 7, 9/10), piccolo electric bass (9/10), chant vocals (1)
Kazumi Watanabe: lead guitar (1), guitar solo (1)
Michael Tovar: rhtyhm guitar (1)
Alex Acuña: acoustic percussion (1)
John Wackerman: drums (1, 2, 9/10), midi drums (1, 2, 9/10)
Ronnie Ciago: drums (6), Remo world drums (6)
Mark Craney: drums (8)
Janis Liebhart, Wendy McKenzie, Naomi Starr, Jill Meschkle: additional vocals (1, 2, 8), chant vocals (1), group vocals (2, 8)


Guest include Alex Ligertwood (ex-Santana, ex-Brian Auger), John Wackerman (Chad Wackerman's brother, ex-Kazumi Watanabe, ex-Lindsay Buckingham), Bunny Brunel (ex-Chick Corea, ex-Kazumi Watanabe), Kazumi Watanabe (worked with Bill Bruford), Alex Acuña (ex-Weather Report, ex-Joe Zawinul), Nicol Mecerova (ex-Bunny Brunel, ex-Herbie Hancock) and Wendy McKenzie (ex-The Moody Blues). Voiceprint's promo for the album erroneously described it as having been recorded over the previous two years in the US, but in a Mar 2009 interview, Moraz described it as "a collection of songs and instrumental pieces of never released material which I worked on, composing, recording, mixing and "polishing" over a period of about 14 years." In 1989, Moraz had been working on a follow-up to Human Interface. At the same time, he was renting his Los Angeles studio out to Watanabe, who was recording his solo album Kilowatt with Brunel, Wackerman, Ligertwood, Acuña, Wayne Shorter (ex-Miles Davis, ex-Weather Report; sax) and others. These musicians, minus Shorter, played on sessions for Moraz, while Moraz also played on Kilowatt. The deal with Cinema Records fell through, but some material from these sessions appears here, namely the tracks "Peace in Africa", "Change of Space", "Cum Spiritu", "The Power of Emotion" and "Stellar Rivers & Streams of Lucid Dreams". "Cum Spiritu" was begun by Moraz earlier: he had previously composed the piece and recorded all his parts in London, with Brunel then writing and adding a fretless bass part in this period.

The remaining pieces were recorded in the late 1990s/early 2000s in Orlando, FL. The basis for "One Day in June" was a 1998 session with Ciago on drums, which Moraz then added to. The "Sonique Prinz" suite and "Alien Space" were recorded entirely by Moraz. (HP, 14 Jun 10)


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Patrick Moraz, Yes, Moody Blues, Mainhorse, Progressive Rock, Electronic, Experimental, 2009

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