Patrick Moraz - Out in the Sun (1977) [Remastered 2006]

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Patrick Moraz - Out in the Sun (1977) [Remastered 2006]

Patrick Moraz (ex: Yes, The Moody Blues, Mainhorse) - Out in the Sun (1977) [Remastered 2006]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 130.97 Mb | Scans | Time: 45:39
Genre: Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Fusion | Label: TimeWave Music | Cat.№: IDVP004CD

Out In The Sun is Patrick’s second solo album and comes from 1977. It was recorded in Switzerland and Brazil and was recorded shortly after Patrick left Yes.
As with The Story Of I the album has a very percussive feel throughout although the album is made up of eight individual pieces rather than the thematic piece that was The Story Of I. Featured tracks include Out In The Sun, Tentacles, Kabal and Silver Screen. As with the other solo albums in this series of re issues Patrick Moraz has personally overseen the re mastering of this album.

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Track Listing

1. Out in the Sun (4:27)
2. Rana Batucada (5:34)
3. Nervous Breakdown (3:23)
4. Silver Screen (4:33)
5. Tentacles (3:33)
6. Kabala (4:58)
7. Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You (4:52)
8. Time For A Change (9:10)
9. Batucada XXX [bonus track] (5:09)

Produced by Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori

Patrick Moraz - Out in the Sun (1977) [Remastered 2006]


Patrick Moraz (Refugee, Yes, The Moody Blues, Mainhorse, Vímana): polymoog, Oberheim Polyphonic, minimoogs, vocals, piano, synthesizers, Vibrotronic Bubbletron, Taurus bass pedals, voice box, Steinway grand piano, Fender Rhodes, ARPS, Polyphonic polymoog, Hammond C3 organ, vibraphone, tambourine, Fender Rhodes 88, AKS effects, clavinet, Overheim polyphonc 4 voice and 8 voices, double moog, ARP 2600 & pro-soloists, Micromoog bass sequencer, digital sequencers, voices, birds, orchestrations
Ray Gomez: mando guitar 8 strings, lead guitar, electric guitar
Wornell Jones: bass, electric bass
Vivienne McAuliffe: harmony vocals, vocals
John McBurnie: lead vocals, harmony vocals
Andy Newmark (Sly and the Family Stone, David Gilmour, ABC): drums
Jean-Luc Bourgeois: Chinese gongs, Balian gongs
"Chacal": congas, assorted Brasilian percussion
Isla Eckinger: acoustic double bass

The Percussionists of Rio de Janeiro - percussion
"Professeur" Jean Ristori - Gibson electric bass and inner bag
Philippe Staehli - tympanis, Indian finger cymbals
"Testa" - pandeiro, assorted Brasilian percussion
Francois Zmirou - lead vocals (7)

Album recorded in Phonogram Studios, Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil, and in "Aquarius" Studios in Geneva, Switzerland
February-March 1977.
This is the 2006 remastered edition containing one bonus track.
CD digitally remastered by Jean Pistori and Patrick Moraz from the original Master Tapes at MTX Mastering Studio.


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Patrick Moraz, Yes, Moody Blues, Mainhorse, Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Fusion, 1977, 2006

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