Stage Dolls - Get A Live (2004)

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Stage Dolls - Get A Live (2004)

Stage Dolls - Get A Live (2004)
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Genre: Hard Rock, AOR | Label: Music Business Norway A/S | Cat. №: N50013-2

The pace was so fast that at times a new song was written for every rehearsal-night. By the beginning of Feb. 2004 all was set for recording. It was a special feeling coming back to Nidaros Studios, the studio where the band recorded their albums in the 80's. Together with their producer Ronny Wikmark 11 songs were picked out from a bunch of 25 rehearsed. As the sessions went under way, they felt very pleased... To get the "classic" Stage Dolls sound Mark Spiro laid down background vocals on the songs.

By early May the album was finished, and it was released on the 24th. The reception was very good and the band set out on a year-long Norwegian tour, visiting all the mayor cities not to mention the small ones. 2004 turned out to be just as good as 2003, sold-out concerts everywhere and good sales for "Get a Life". The album got excellent reviews from both Norwegian and international hard-rock press and Stage Dolls was even voted best artist 2004 at one of Japans mayor hard-rock sites!

20th anniversary

At the end of their 2003 Tour, Stage Dolls had a 20th Anniversary Concert in their hometown, Trondheim. 4000 fans came to join them on this memorable night. The show was taped, and in January 2005 the band released Get a Live", a live-album recorded on this night. A bonus DVD was included,with 3 songs. Finally their die-hard fans got their live-album, something they had wanted for years.

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Stage Dolls - Get A Live (2004)

Stage Dolls - Get A Live (2004)

Track Listing

1. Stand By You (3:13)
2. Love Cries (4:07)
3. Hard To Say Goodbye (5:48)
4. Commandos (4:50)
5. Sorry Is All I Can Say (4:17)
6. Still In Love (5:10)
7. Wings Of Steel (4:39)
8. Magic (4:00)
9. Love Don't Bother Me (7:39)
10. Left Foot Boogie (4:28)
11. Ten Tons Of Rock 'N' Roll (5:38)
12. Money (4:48)
13. Ammunition (3:23)
14. Heart To Heart (5:06)
15. Soldier's Gun (6:08)

The Band

Torstein Flakne: Vocals, Guitars
Terje Storli: Bass
Morten Skogstad: Drums

Additional musicians:
Trond Hustad: keyboards
Anne Judith Wik, Christin Hoff, Ulla Britt Hasselvold: background vocals
Guests: Steinar Krokstad, Erlend Antonsen, Gunnar Berg, Asmund Flaten

Recorded at Trondheim Spectrum,Norway Sept. 6th 2003.


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Stage Dolls, Torstein Flakne, Hard Rock, AOR, 2004

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