Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)

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Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)

Rick Wakeman (ex: Yes, Strawbs) - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996) 2 CD Set
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 422.09 Mb | Scans | TTime: 2:26:41
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Jazz Fusion | Label: A&M Records | Cat. №: 540 567-2

Voyage is one of the best compilations available from keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman. Not only does this two-CD set include his most acclaimed pieces, but it also gathers material that is less renowned yet equally displays his instrumental prowess. Disc one starts off with four tracks from the famed Six Wives of Henry VIII, highlighted by the progressive weight of "Catherine Howard," followed by the synthesized mysticism of "Arthur" and the electronic whimsy of "Merlin the Magician" from The Legend of King Arthur. A well-deserved 40 minutes of the second disc is drawn from Journey to the Center of the Earth, with wonderful passages from "Recollection" and "The Battle" that emphasize Wakeman's keen approach of instrumentally narrating his music. The true value of Voyage lies in the lesser-known tracks that may only be familiar to die-hard fans, but are a must to uncover. Pieces like "Judas Iscariot," "After the Ball," and "Ice Run" are fabulous inclusions to this compilation, since they represent Wakeman's ability to play gorgeous, softly toned pieces as well as massive synthesized blitzes. Additions like "Searching for Gold" and "White Rock" from the album of the same name symbolize Wakeman's gift of producing both a setting and an atmosphere through his use of the keyboard, something that was evident in his days with the Strawbs. Detailed liner notes complete this best-of set, which would make a sound entry point for anyone interested in Rick Wakeman's musical craftsmanship. Allmusic

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Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)

Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)

CD One

1. Catherine of Aragon (3:47)
2. Catherine Howard (6:34)
3. Jane Seymour (4:49)
4. Anne Boleyn (6:35)
5. Arthur (7:29)
6. Merlin The Magician (8:54)
7. The Last Battle (9:44)
8. White Rock (3:14)
9. Searching For Gold (4:21)
10. After The Ball (3:04)
11. Ice Run (6:13)
12. March Of The Gladiators (4:58)
13. Summertime (4:29)

Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)

CD Two

1. Temperament Of Mind (4:46)
2. (A) The Journey (B) Recollection (20:49)
3. (A) The Battle (B) The Forest (18:42)
4. Crime Of Passion (5:53)
5. Judas Iscariot (12:23)
6. Hibernation (3:46)
7. Free Song (2:00)
8. The Maker (4:11)

Produced by Rick Wakeman (tracks: 1-1 To 1-11, 2-2 To 2-8), Tony Visconti (tracks: 1-12, 1-13, 2-1)
Remastered by Roger Wake
Written by Heyward* (tracks: 1-13), Liszt* (tracks: 2-7), Gershwin* (tracks: 1-13), Rick Wakeman (tracks: 1-1 To 1-12, 2-1 To 2-6, 2-8)

Rick Wakeman - Voyage: The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman (1996)


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Rick Wakeman, Yes, Strawbs, Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Jazz Fusion, 1996

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