Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)

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Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 96.92 Mb | Scans | Time: 35:09
Genre: Rock, Country Rock, Southern Rock | Label: Blue Rose Records | Cat. №: BLU DP0556

DEADMAN are a new powerful force on the folk & roots rock scene of Austin, Texas. Bandleader Steven Collins and his sextet have won a sizeable following over the last years - among them the Blue Rose label. After years of trying to hook up, Blue Rose have now succeeded in signing them. In July, as an appetizer, Live At The Saxon Pub had been released to introduce them to the audience on this side of the Atlantic. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive to enthusiastic. Their tight sound - reminiscent of The Band - which effortlessly brings together Southern Rock, Texas Folk, Country Rock and 70ies old school rock'n'roll is certainly convincing to anyone flying the Americana flag.

Deadman | Blue Rose Records

Track Listing

1. If I Lay Down In The River (3:35)
2. Till The Morning Comes (3:38)
3. Don't Do This (2:56)
4. This Old World's Not Gonna Change (3:22)
5. Oh Delilah! (3:14)
6. I'm Not Who You Think I Am (2:33)
7. Ain't No Music (2:47)
8. Gilead (3:58)
9. We All Need Love (3:39)
10. Take Up Your Mat And Walk (5:27)

Produced by Steven Collins and Deadman

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)

The Band

Steven Collins - vocals, hollow body guitar, angel string guitar
Jacob Hildebrand - electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Kevin McCollough - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Matthew Mollica - hammond organ, accordion, piano, backing vocals
Lonnie Trevino Jr. - bass guitar, backing vocals
Kyle Schneider - drums, percussion

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)


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Deadman, Country Rock, Southern Rock, 2011

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