Emiliana Torrini — Tookah (2013)

Автор: Six Feet Under | 6 сентября 2013 | Просмотров: 1334 Mp3
Emiliana Torrini — Tookah (2013)

Emiliana Torrini — Tookah (2013)

Artist: Emiliana Torrini
Album: Tookah
Released: 2013 Sep 09
Genre: Folk / Pop / Rock
Label: Rough Trade
Duration: 39:13
Format: 320 Kbps
Size: 89 mb

1. Tookah
2. Caterpillar
3. Autumn Sun
4. Home
5. Elisabet
6. Animal Games
7. Speed of Dark
8. Blood Red
9. When Fever Breaks

The new album from Emiliana Torrini, featuring the single “Speed of Dark”. Yet again, Torrini reinvents her sound, bringing us an album which doesn’t sound like any of her previous titles.

‘Tookah’ was written at different stages over a 3 year period, the oldest song being “When Fever Breaks” which was written having come off a tough two year tour which took it’s toll in many ways.

“The only way to deal with things is to go into the studio and do music, it is like brain scrambling. You come out of the session clearer as you get to step out of yourself take a look and deal with it.”

Emiliana Torrini — Tookah (2013)

Emiliana Torrini — Tookah (2013)


Emiliana Torrini, 2013, Folk, Pop, Rock

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