Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)

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Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)

Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 90.65 MB | SCANS | Time: 37:58
Genre: New Age, World, Fusion, Acoustic, Neofolk | Label: Prism Entertainment (Japan) | Cat.#: CD 101

The first truly solo album by British guitarist Gordon Giltrap (his previous releases had featured a full band backing him), 1987's Elegy is pitched somewhere between the folk fusion experimentation of John Fahey and Bert Jansch and the more direct, pop-oriented work of rockers like Steve Hackett or Anthony Phillips. Less somber than the title would suggest, Elegy is a lovely blend of acoustic and electric guitars (with some bass thrown in to anchor the tunes, keeping the whole from floating into the new age ether) playing delicate folk-inspired melodies that tend toward simplicity and lyricism instead of either flashy notes-per-minute showmanship or treacly sweetness. It's not hard to imagine that if Mike Oldfield hadn't been so enamored of his overdubbing equipment and multi-instrumental excessiveness that he might have come up with an album quite similar to this in the early '70s.

Gordon Giltrap

Track Listing:

1. In Unison (4:00)
2. A Christmas Carol (2:34)
3. The Mariners Tale (3:11)
4. Blue Lady (2:38)
5. Lucky (3:05)
6. Elegy (5:21)
7. Spring Dance (2:07)
8. The Poacher (4:24)
9. Sallies Song (3:12)
10. Storm Brewing (2:13)
11. Downwind (2:52)
12. Sleuth (2:21)

Produced by Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)

Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)

Gordon Giltrap:
Acoustic Guitar [Fylde Custom Acoustic Guitar, Harmony 12-string, Ovation Glen Campbell, Ovation Adamus 11], Electric Guitar [Framus Jan Akkerman, Tokai Super Series Strat, Hagstrom Highstrung Guitar], Electric Bass [Squire Precision Bass], Effects [Korg Effects], Strings [Albion Strings]

Gordon Giltrap - Elegy (1987)

This album was originally recorded in 1986 on four track, with Gordon playing Acoustic 6 & 12 String Guitars, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar. Everything is played on guitar, and where you think you hear violins they are, in fact, guitars as well, made using volume and chorus pedals.


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Gordon Giltrap, New Age, World, Fusion, Acoustic, Neofolk, 1987

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