Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus (2002)

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Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus (2002)

Steve Dawson (ex: Saxon) - Pandemonium Circus (2002)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 164.19 MB | SCANS | Time: 1:06:04
Genre: Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Heavy Metal | Label: Angel Air Records | Cat.#: SJPCD102

Steve Dawson was a founding member and early bassist for Saxon. 'Pandemonium Circus' is apparently a solo project that he had dabbled with for three years. Overall, a decent 'heavy rock' effort, as it features some demos as well as a couple of live tracks.

The recordings on this album are taken from a number of sessions, all dating back to the three years following Dawson's departure from 'Saxon, when he continued to write and record with various songwriters and musicians. And although they have never before seen the light of day, their powerful and alluring nature illustrates that they have been long overdue a commercial release. "Well, l think people will be surprised when they hear this because it is fair indication of my input into Saxon. It's not rubbish stuff and isn't a case of me trying to make a few hob from some old tapes I had knocking I around because I wouldn't do that. I stand up behind every one of these tracks and lam proud of them and they all stand the test of time."

Oliver/Dawson Saxon

Track Listing:

1. She (3:39)
2. All I Want (3:25)
3. Step Inside Love (3:50)
4. We're Givin It Up (3:18)
5. All We Dream Of (3:12)
6. ''2'' Late (4:57)
7. Answer To My Prayer (4:06)
8. More Foolin (3:10)
9. Where Can I Hide (4:18)
10. Join Hands (4:00)
11. Like Marrionetts (3:39)
12. Wings At Dawn (Live) (3:33)
13. Step Inside Love (3:51)
14. You ''s'' Eye (Live) (5:49)
15. We're Givin It Up (Live) (6:42)
16. Motorcycle Man (Live) (4:35)

Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus (2002)

Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus (2002)


Steve Dawson - bass guitar
Nigel Durham - drums
Haydn Conway - guitar
Steve Johnson - vocals, guitar
Adrian Davidson - vocals

Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus (2002)


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Steve Dawson, Saxon, Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Heavy Metal, 2002

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