Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) [Japanese Ed.]

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Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) [Japanese Ed.]

Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) (Remastered) [Japanese Ed. 2005]
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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock | Label: EMI Records Ltd. | Cat.#: TOCP-67706

Led by guitarist Zeno Roth (brother of guitar wizard Uli Jon Roth), Zeno released their third album - Listen to the Light - in 1998. The band, which at various points has featured members of Fair Warning, plays a guitar-oriented (naturally) brand of soaring melodic rock.


Track Listing:

1. Goddess Of Sunrise (4:10)
2. Love In Your Eyes (3:48)
3. I Would Die For You (3:31)
4. Meet Me At The Rainbow (5:13)
5. Light Of The Morning (4:16)
6. Follow The Wind (5:22)
7. Listen To The Light (4:56)
8. Luna And Mercury (Instrumental) (2:51)
9. Some Rocks Don't Roll (4:20)
10. Eden On Fire (5:13)
11. Tomorrow Arise (4:17)
12. Rainforest Tears (Instrumental) (2:56)
13. Sunset In Paradise (Instrumental) (1:22)

"The Making Of Zeno" Extra Tracks:
14. How Can I Know (Bonus track) (3:27)
15. World Of Tomorrow (Bonus track) (3:06)
16. Together (Tommy Heart version) (Bonus track) (4:22)

Produced by Zeno Roth

Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) [Japanese Ed.]

Although it has been over a year since I bought the album I hesitated to review it simply because it is so amazing that I still don't think I can put that accurately on description.
The brother of German guitar legend Uli Jon Roth, guitarist Zeno Roth made his solo recording debut in 1986 while in the process discovered, utilized and promoted the talents of such musicians as Ule W. Ritgen (Fair Warning) and Tommy Heart (Fair Warning , Soul Doctor)

"Listen to the light", originally released in 1998, is probably the best ever melodic hard rock album. The divine guitar melodies of Zeno unite perfectly with the orchestral arrangements while the sublime vocal performances support the intensity of the overall performance and put out some of the most forceful choruses in the history of Hard rock. All 15 songs are so well thought, planned and executed that make "Listen to the Light" sound like the ultimate hard rock musical; still it is far more passionate powerful and real that you can not help but be blown away.

After playing the album a few dozen times it became clear that all this musical majesty is orchestrated by the command of Zeno's guitar which lays impossibly colorful melodies and blinding solos. The man is clearly nothing less than a musical genius whose passion and commitment to this music is unquestioned. What he has created here in terms of orchestration, composition and performance is beyond words. Zeno combines the musical colors with such majesty that "Listen to the Light" shifts effortlessly from aggressive to melancholic from lightning fast to mystical slow.
Zeno opens the door to a whole new galaxy of hard rock.

Taking the objective as possible approach I can not say that there are many songs that can stand toe to toe with "Eden on Fire", "Meet me at the rainbow", "Love in your eyes" and "Tomorrow Arise", naming just a few of the fascinating tracks on this superior release.
If you want to make an experience out of your next CD purchase, buy this and prepare to be 'awesomized'. If you are a fan of "Fair Warning" or Uli Jon Roth you absolutely have got to get this. ~ By Nikiforos V. Skoumas (amazon.com)

Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) [Japanese Ed.]


Zeno Roth: all guitars & all other instruments, vocals
Michael Flexig: lead & backing vocals
Andrea Schwarz, Keith Ellis, Naoko Goto: backing vocals

The Making Of Zeno:
C.C. Behrens: drums
Tommy Heart: vocals ("How Can I Know" and "Together")

Zeno - Listen To The Light (1998) [Japanese Ed.]

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Zeno, Michael Flexig, Fair Warning, Hard Rock, 1998, 2005
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