Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

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Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

Metal Clone X (Marty Friedman) - Metal Clone X (2012)
FLAC: IMAGE+CUE+LOG | 436.11 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 156.47 MB | SCANS | Time: 57:44
Genre: Heavy Metal, Progressive, Shred, MDM, J-Rock | Label: Avex Ent./Gokukara Records | Cat.#: CHMC121201

Интересный проект.

GOKUKARA RECORDS is the label Marty Friedman acts as a Label Producer. The label revolves around the HEAVY ROCK, and was born to dispel “HEAVY METAL is DEAD” in the whole world but not limited to Japan.

In 2011, Friedman participated on guitar in the recording of the future 2012 hit "Mōretsu Uchū Kōkyōkyoku Dai 7 Gakushō «Mugen no Ai»" by the popular Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z. A year later, on December 5, 2012, out came an album by a mysterious group Metal Clone X produced and arranged by him. It contains metal covers of Momoiro Clover Z's songs. The band members were not revealed.

Marty Friedman
Wikipedia - Marty Friedman
Wikipedia - Chthonic (Freddy Lim)
GOKUKARA records

Track Listing:

1. Overture ~Tetsuiro Clone X Sanjou!! ~ (2:41)
2. Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~ (5:02)
3. Pinky Jones (4:10)
4. Roudou Sanka (5:29)
5. Chai Maxx (5:27)
6. Zenryoku Shoujo (4:41)
7. Mirai Ball (4:34)
8. Orange Note (5:27)
9. Ikuzei! Kaitou Shoujo (3:50)
10. Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyokyoku. Day 7 Gakushou [Mugen No Al] ~introduction~ (0:45)
11. Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyokyoku. Day 7 Gakushou [Mugen No Al] (5:19)
12. Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~ (instr ver.) (5:00)
13. Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyokyoku. Day 7 Gakushou [Mugen No Al] (instr ver.) (5:19)

Produced by Marty Friedman

Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)
Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

Friedman: "I just produced an album called 'Metal Clone X' [audio clip] that is the heaviest album that I've ever recorded — ever. I love metal, but I've been doing metal since I was a teenager, so metal's gotta be freaking rad if it's gonna get into my radar. Just because it's metal… I mean, I've heard so much metal over my life, so it'd better be freaking rad. So, like, every once in a while, something's totally rad and it catches my attention. Like, a couple of years ago, I heard DECAPITATED and I'm, like, 'Wow, this is rad! I love this!' And then I heard CHTHONIC and I'm, like, 'Wow, this is unique. I really love this.' I hear things every once in a while and it really picks up my ear. And I'm, like, 'Wow, this is really cool. This is a new twist.' And, 'This is heavier than I've ever heard anything before,' or, 'This has some really neat parts in it,' or whatever. But if it doesn't have something new, then it's gonna hit me on the radar. I mean, I'm definitely not into, 'Wow, it sounds like traditional metal. That's rad!' I'm totally not into that."

Metal Clone X - Metal Clone X (2012)

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Metal Clone X, Marty Friedman, Chthonic, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Shred, Melodic Death Metal, J-Rock, 2012
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