Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]

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Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]

Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]
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Genre: Heavy Metal | Label: Intercord Ton/Victor (VMI) | Cat.#: VICP-5121

Третий студийный альбом немецкой группы. Самый удачный!! Это было здорово - Motörhead, AC/DC, Thunderhead...

With the release of „Crime Pays“ in 1991 T-Head finally reached their long deserved break-through. The entire stowed-up rage of the previous situation and bad experiences is clearly perceived by listening to their song material. This time Henny, Ole, Alex and Ted resolved upon doing everything on their own - despite primary resistance of the record company.

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Track Listing:

1. City Cornered Man (3:06)
2. Make It Hard (3:29)
3. N.Y. You Let Me Down (3:56)
4. Crime Pays (4:38)
5. Let The Dogs Loose (3:40)
6. Forgive And Forget You (4:52)
7. Torture Ride (3:11)
8. Live With It (3:29)
9. What Mama Don't Know (3:22)
10. Life Is Only A Goodbye (6:23)
11. Ain't No Trust (4:55)
12. Space Station #5 (Bonus track for Japan) (4:34)
13. If You Want Me To Love You (Bonus track for Japan) (3:34)

Produced by Thunderhead

Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]

Thunderhead was formed in Hannover, Germany in the late 80's (as the story goes, American vocalist Ted Bullet travelled to Germany to audition for the German band Victory, which didn't work out, but he found several guys who wanted to play together, and Thunderhead was born). Thunderhead was one of those bands who straddled the line between accessible hard rock and traditional metal, with a familiar rocking attitude highlighted by Bullet's classic hard rock voice. They recorded steadily from 1989 to 1995, attracting a fair sized fan base in Europe and Japan. By the mid-nineties the band had run its course, and with financial difficulties and personal differences looming, they called it a day. Several years later, Bullet recruited three new guys to form a new version of Thunderhead (interestingly, this same trio would also back up former Metal Church vocalist David Wayne in his Wayne project), and a final album, Ugly Side, was released in 1999.

Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]


Ted Bullet - vocals, guitar
Henny Wolter - guitar, backing vocals
Ole Hempleman - bass, backing vocals
Alex Scotti - drums

Thunderhead - Crime Pays (1991) [Japanese Ed.]

Many thanks to the original uploader: booddoom


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Thunderhead, Heavy Metal, 1991
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Хорошая у вас коллекция! Многое мне нравиться. Если есть у вас группа Slaughter первых 3,4 альбома : выложите пожалуйста в качестве!

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Спасибо, этого альбома не имелось.

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