Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]

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Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]

Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]
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Genre: Hard Rock | Label: Elektra/WEA Music | Cat.#: WMC5-494

After a small personnel shift by bringing Robert Mason in on vocals Lynch Mob delivered a fine follow up to their debut album 'Wicked Sensation'. This time boasting more than twiddly guitar bits and big choruses 'Lynch Mob' has fabulously lush songs which are complemented by Lynch's most tasteful guitar work to date.


Track Listing:

1. Jungle Of Love (3:50)
2. Tangled In The Web (4:40)
3. No Good (4:19)
4. Dream Until Tomorrow (6:07)
5. Cold Is The Heart (5:27)
6. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover) (3:49)
7. Heaven Is Waiting (3:56)
8. I Want It (4:51)
9. When Darkness Calls (5:27)
10. The Secret (5:07)
11. Love Finds A Way (Bonus track for Japan) (3:36)
12. Love In Your Eyes (Bonus track for Japan) (4:01)

Recorded at Goodnight L.A. Studios, Los Angeles
Produced by Keith Olsen

Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]

This CD has sympathetic production from Keith Olsen (known for production work with Journey) allowing everybody to shine through the mix with out making the band sound airbrushed. This CD can still rock but just not at the expense of light and shade something missing on the band's previous release. Robert Mason has much more depth and feel in his vocals than his predecessor. Take for example, 'Dream Until Tomorrow' which is awesome in his delivery and capped off superbly by the most unique guitar work you'll here this side of forever. 'Cold Is The Heart' is another masterpiece of atmospheric delights, almost Eastern in delivery and featuring a very catchy chorus to boot. There is a cover of Queen's 'Tie Your Mother Down' on offer here which is okay, but just a little disappointing in its inclusion considering the strength of the band's own material here. 'Heaven is Waiting' is perhaps the most Dokken sounding track here being class eighties rock with interesting key changes and an upbeat tempo. 'I Want It' and 'No Good' are both hard rockers, in my opinion a little too hard edged for a band that obviously has so much more to say musically speaking. The excellent 'When Darkness Calls' is a titanic epic so sexy you'll need a cigarette afterwards guaranteed. The closer of 'The Secret' deals with child abuse and is, despite the somber lyrical content, the true highlight of this release. The song is very Ozzy Osbourne like in delivery and shows a depth of thought that many people believe can't be demonstrated by this kind of band. In fact the perception that this CD would be an eighties style party, chicks, booze and drugs affair probably did it the most harm at a time when the dreaded grunge movement was in firm control of the record buying public's attention. A shame really as Lynch Mob did stay true to their audience. 'Lynch Mob' gave us the benefit of class rock tunes rather than delivering a dishonest grunge set like so many other struggling artists washed up after the eighties excess did around this time.

Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]


George Lynch (Dokken, etc.) - guitars
Robert Mason (Big Cock, Warrant, Magnum, etc.) - vocals
Anthony Esposito (Ace Frehley, George Lynch) - bass, backing vocals
Mick "Wild" Brown (Dokken, etc.) - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Jerry Hey, Larry Williams - horns
Richard Baker - keyboards
Glenn Hughes - background vocals

Lynch Mob - Lynch Mob (1992) [Japanese Ltd. Ed.]

Lynch composed the whole songs in this album and created many explosive tracks such as "Tangled In The Web", "No Good", and "When Darkness Calls" that burst out George's ultimate solos. The tribute to Freddie Mercury in "Tie Your Mother Down" is also considered one of the best cover song of all time.

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Lynch Mob, George Lynch, Dokken, Hard Rock, 1992
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