Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]

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Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]

Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]
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Genre: Hard Rock | Label: Polydor K.K. | Cat.#: POOP-20288

Little Angels were one of several acts (Thunder being another prominent UK example) who appeared on the scene just before the grunge revolution transformed the heavy metal landscape. They still, however, managed to make an impact with their fresh take on traditional, hard rock.

Little Angels
The Metal Observer

Track Listing:

1. Do You Wanna Riot (3:55)
2. Kick Hard (3:10)
3. Big Bad World (3:21)
4. Kicking Up Dust (4:00)
5. Don't Prey For Me (4:30)
6. Broken Wings Of An Angel (4:59)
7. Bitter & Twisted (3:48)
8. Promises (4:50)
9. When I Get Out Of Here (3:17)
10. No Solution (4:24)
11. Pleasure Pyre (CD Only) (4:16)
12. Radical Your Lover (Original Version - Japan Only) (4:44)
13. Move In Slow (Japan Only) (3:45)

Produced by Owen Davies

Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]

Little Angels in particular managed to take on the likes of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi et al on their own terms, with their energetic, Americanised music, which avoided falling into the typical, hackneyed macho clichés of much hair metal. Inevitably, this, their 1989 debut, is very much of its time, but that’s isn’t a criticism, as the hook-laden, melodious yet rough-edged songs remain as strong and fresh as they seemed at the time. The band’s surprisingly polished, mature ballads have aged a little less well, but remain perfectly solid examples of the 80s power ballad, and are markedly less cloying and cheesy than many more famous examples. ~ Reviewed by William Pinfold

Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]


Jimmy Dickinson - Piano, Hammond Organ, Synth & Backing Vocals
Toby Jepson - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Japanese nose Flute
Mark Plunkett - Bass, Backing Vocals & Blasts
Michael Lee - Drums, Percussion and Ghosts Vibroslap
Bruce John Dickinson - Guitars

Little Angels - Don't Prey For Me (1989) [Japanese Ed.]

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Little Angels, Hard Rock, 1989
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