Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]

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Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]

Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]
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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock, AOR | Label: Zero Corporation | Cat.#: XRCN-1017

In the great tradition of bands such as Stage Dolls, Evenrude and the mighty TNT, follow another Norwegian band. This time it's Tindrum, featuring former TNT drummer Diesel Dahl. The band were around for a few years, and released two albums prior to this one. The debut from 1988 'Drums Of War' (a very rare disc if ever there was one!) featured renowned female vocalist Tove, who later went on to the one-off project Misslead. By album no 2 'How Bout This', Tove was replaced by another singer with a pedigree with TNT: this time Dag Ingebrigtsen. The music is prime-time Norwegian melodic rock from the era. It's very good, and features all the attributes associated with the genre. 'Cool Calm And Collected' is not a studio album as such: it is a compilation of material from those two aforementioned albums, with the exception of 'Detective Of Love' which had not appeared before. Only two tracks are culled from the debut ('Drums Of War' and 'Stranger In Paradise'), the rest come from 'How Bout This'.

Metal Kingdom

Track Listing:

1. Drums of War (4:20)
2. Fantasia (3:46)
3. Streetfighter (4:06)
4. First Time (4:19)
5. (I Was) Made For Rock'n'Roll (3:35)
6. Masquerade (3:17)
7. Stranger In Paradise (2:59)
8. The Show Must Go On (3:45)
9. Dolce Vita (4:21)
10. Detective of Love (3:48)
11. Hot Summer (4:15)
12. Love Shines (4:23)

Produced by Rolf Graf & Svein Dag Houge

Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]

The Songs.
Standout tracks include the diamond like toughness of 'Dolce Vita', polished but hard and smooth to the ear. The guitar crunch kicks in on the high-octane melodic fuel that is 'Masquerade'; it sure sounds great but so too does it sound formularised and 'heard it all before' ish. 'The Show Must Go On' has a 'lighters in the air' feel about it; mainly acoustic and heart-rendering. Stage Dolls is kinda revisited with the previously mentioned 'Detective Of Love', while 'Stranger In Paradise' featuring Tove on vocals is a bit of belter when it finally takes off. The second highlight of the album is 'First Time' (no not the Robin Beck ditty for Coca Cola) but another superb tune with a heap of keys and belting guitars. The live audience overdubs gives it a less than studio finish, but the quality is there. ~ Posted by gdazegod

Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]


Dag Ingebrigtsen - Lead Vocals
Trond Øien - Guitars & Harmony Vocals
Sid Ringsby - Bass & Harmony Vocals
Diesel Dahl - Drums & Percussion

Paul West - Keyboards

Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected (1992) [Japanese Ed.]

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Tindrum, Melodic Hard Rock, AOR, 1992
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Produced by Rolf Graf & Svein Dag Houge

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