Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)

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Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)

Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)
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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock, AOR, Christian Rock | Label: RCA/BMG Victor Int. | Cat.#: R32P-1194

Excellent melodic hard rock disc! Rob Rock simply annihilates. Anything the man sings over becomes an instant classic. This album has the best combination of killer vocals and ripping solo's. Joshua knows how to slow down and play the perfect solo to each song. This album was produced by Eddie Kramer, who has produced for Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, along with Dieter Dierks, who has produced albums for bands like Accept, Scorpions and Twisted Sister. Arguably Joshua's best disc, although some would say that honor goes to "Surrender."

Following the release of Intense Defense, the band did not see eye-to-eye and its members went their separate ways. Rob Rock, Greg Shultz and Emil Lech went on to form the melodic metal band Driver with guitarist Roy Z.; while Driver never signed a deal, it recorded a professional sounding five song demo. Perahia changed the name of the band to Jaguar and joined forces with vocalist extraordinaire Robin Kyle, the two recording a demo and placing the track "Show Me The Way" on the 1992 re-issue of Surrender on Ocean Records.

Хорошая пластинка, помимо отличной музыки, примечательна ещё тем, что вокалист здесь Rob Rock

Joshua Perahia

Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)

Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)

Track Listing:

1. Reach Up (4:44)
2. I've Been Waiting (4:24)
3. Only Yesterday (3:41)
4. Crying Out For Love (4:19)
5. Living On The Edge (4:08)
6. Tearing At My Heart (3:49)
7. Remembering You (5:07)
8. Look To The Sky (4:14)
9. Don't You Know (4:08)
10. Stand Alone (5:02)

Produced by Frank Mono


Joshua Perahia: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Rob Rock: Lead Vocals
Greg Shultz: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Emil Lech: Bass
Tim Gehrt: Drums

Joshua - Intense Defense (Japanese Ed.) (1988)

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Joshua, Melodic Hard Rock, AOR, Christian Rock, 1988
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...примечательна ещё тем, что вокалист здесь Rob Rock

ипааать, а я кругами хожу-хожу, чую чё-та здесь не то... пасиба! az


Эй, ДРУГ! У тебя не бегут мурашки по коже от скрежета электрогитар? НЕ ОТЧАИВАЙСЯ! Мы и без тебя прекрасно обойдёмся.

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ar gracias

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