Quadrivium – Methocha (2012)

Автор: dkm | 23 декабря 2012 | Просмотров: 1636 Mp3
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Quadrivium – Methocha (2012)

Country: Norway
Genre: Avant-garde / Symphonic Black Metal
Quality: mp3 VBR V0 (Scene CD-Rip)



1. Methocha (04:14)
2. Dead Syphon Focus (04:13)
3. Eye Of Mimas (05:08)
4. Orbital (02:34)
5. Destroyer (05:34)
6. Phobos Anomaly (05:46)
7. The Labyrinth Of Infinity (10:18)
8. Blackbird Abiogenesis (05:23)

Quadrivium – Methocha (2012)


Quadrivium, Avant-garde Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, 2012

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#1 написал: NucleosIs         23 декабря 2012 12:25

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Не обычно, по меньшей мере. Еще послушаю.

Deathcore RIP !
Mathcore RIP !
Grindcore RIP !
Black Metal RIP !
Death Metal RIP ?

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#2 написал: vokiradus         23 декабря 2012 19:30

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А мне понравилось.Шикарный альбомец.Спасибо dkm!!!

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#3 написал: DimaCar         24 декабря 2012 03:02

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Norwegian extreme avant-garde metal masters, Quadrivium return after a six year hiatus with a new intense album, Methocha via SoulSeller Records November 23rd, 2012 in Europe and February 3rd, 2013 in the USA.

The self-produced extreme masterpiece was recorded at various studios all over the world. It was finally mixed in Tower Studio, France and mastered in Panic Room Studio, Sweden. The eight mind-blowing tracks feature members from Ragnarok, Augury and Dolls of Disaster with a guest appearance by Carl August Tidemann (ex-member of Arcturus, Winds).

Chief songwriter and keyboardist Erlend Antonsen adds: “Four years after our first album we return with an expanded line-up, our strongest material to date and a production to match. Venturing ever deeper into the avant-garde side of metal and finding different atmospheres to explore, we have finally managed to put it on tape and present it to you in the form of the Methocha album. Expect everything from full-on metal, mystical atmospheres to dives into a much darker abyss.”

Девочка заразила добротой всех остальных.

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