Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)

Автор: AmyCloss | KovaRus | 4 августа 2012 | Просмотров: 2380 Mp3, Lossless
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Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)

Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)

Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)

Стиль: Death Metal
Формат: Mp3, VBR 292 kbps (V0) [Scene] / 320 kbps / Flac [Scene]
Размер: 18 MБ / 188MB

01. Succumb to Rapture 04:41
02. Back from Beyond 03:32

Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)


Flac Scene

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Massacre - Condemned To The Shadows [EP] (2012)


Massacre, 2012, Death Metal
Новость отредактировал Brytal - 4 августа 2012
Причина: + 320 kbps

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#1 написал: Fucknife         4 августа 2012 08:21

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Thank you
bu df

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#3 написал: Eritema         4 августа 2012 10:13

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С чего вдруг такой камбэк?

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#4 написал: Monter         4 августа 2012 10:52

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так то были предпосылки

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#5 написал: kakmyc         9 августа 2012 15:11

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быылеать, какой саунд, и муза!! ar aw bc bd be

труЪбылеать! Шульдингер был бы щастлив!

ну когда же, когда же, где же!! полноформатник в таком же духе! bm

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#6 написал: MXDeathroll         15 августа 2012 19:18

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kakmyc, если все будет ОК, думаю в следующем году просто обязаны выпустить..

My Posts

Metal - best music! hv

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#7 написал: chamame         7 сентября 2012 20:07

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Thank you am

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#8 написал: tedbundy         1 февраля 2014 11:18

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а теперь и полноформатник!

Florida death metal pioneers Massacre return with their first studio album effort in almost 20 years! Entitled "Back From Beyond," the album will be released on March 24th in Europe and on April 1st in North America via Century Media Records.

Returning to the roots of the band's early 90's trademark sound, "Back From Beyond" was recorded and mixed by Tim Vazquez of CGM Studios, Florida, and features original members Rick Rozz (guitars; ex-Mantas/Death) and Terry Butler (bass; Obituary, ex-Death), as well as Ed Webb (vocals; ex-Diaibolic) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums; ex-Pain Princicple). The cover artwork was created by Toshihiro Egawa.

Massacre's bassist Terry Butler comments: "Massacre is very excited and proud of our new album 'Back From Beyond'. We've worked hard over the past few months and we believe that the old school and new school fans will be pleased. Ed Webb and Mikey Mazzanetto are great additions to the band and did an amazing job on the album. This is Florida Death Metal at its best! We plan on making 2014 a busy year!!!"

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