Desiderii Marginis ‎– Procession (2012)

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Desiderii Marginis ‎– Procession (2012)

Label: Cyclic Law – 48th Cycle
Format: CD, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 28 May 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient


1 Come Ruin And Rapture 6:10
2 Land Of Strangers 6:09
3 Her Name Is Poverty 6:15
4 Silent Messenger 7:38
5 In Brightness 6:47
6 Here's To The Future (And The Harsh Frontier) 5:45
7 Adrift 7:32
8 Procession 5:29

Performer, Composed By – Johan Levin
Photography [Sleeve] – Henrik Stolt

Limited edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel digipak.

Label info:
"Procession" heralds the reawakening of the acclaimed swedish dark ambient project Desiderii Marginis, an album that sounds at the same time warmingly familiar and inspiringly new. While Desiderii Marginis is perhaps not as prolific as some other acts, it's "quality over quantity" motto always makes it well worth the wait and this is certainly no exception. The eight pieces that make up this new album stand firmly on their own, and yet form an even more remarkable whole. Johan Levin envokes a grand soundscape, beneath the faded remnants of the celestial spheres where timbres have space to grow, evolve and reflect off each other, a sombre, melancholic thoughtfullness, a calm to dwell in, and long back to. The atmosphere of the album is not that of solid darkness, or an abyss opening beneath you, but rather a wintery pale, grey dusk casting long, sweeping shadows. A haze that makes you uncertain if it’s really getting lighter or darker. We're honored to welcome Johan Levin's long standing project to the ever expanding Cyclic Law family.
Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running Time 51:.40

Desiderii Marginis ‎– Procession (2012)


Desiderii Marginis, Dark A, Dark Ambient

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