Morgana vs Morgana - Sol Invicto (2010)

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Morgana vs Morgana - Sol Invicto (2010)

Artist: Morgana vs Morgana
Title Of Album: Sol Invicto
Year Of Release: 2010
Genre: Progressive Rock - Alternative Rock - Metal
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: mp3, 320kbps
Total Size: 127 MB + Artwork

Morgana vs Morgana - Official Site

1. Ojos Cerrados de Par en Par (7:10)
2. La Inercia (4:53)
3. Epifania (5:34)
4. El Horizonte (8:43)
5. Miro Al Sol (6:34)
6. Sol Invicto (5:56)
7. Si Quiero Decir No (6:39)

Here you have 7 great compositions which take you to your own inside. Passion, heavy and calm, rythmic and excellent lyrics. Masters of this album, Morgana vs. Morgana and Jens Bögren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Katatonia...)

For people who loves Tool, Porcupine Tree, Isis, Katatonia...

Morgana vs Morgana - Sol Invicto (2010)

Morgana vs Morgana – Sol Invicto (2010)
mp3, 320kpbs:
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Morgana vs Morgana (1992) release their third album, a compendium of seven songs which reflects the path to maturity and the identity of their sound, their way of understanding music.
As though it was a crossing, we dive in his universe of progressive rock. Sung in Spanish, adult, dark and impeccable piece of work.
The band, which received the acclaim of Spanish critics and public in her previous work 'nebula' (2006), returns to show us her elegance, quality and a strong personality, evident in each composition and lyrics.

No doubt, we find in this ‘Sol Invicto’ with one of the bands with more projection on the national scene (Spain). This time, the band has relied on Joaquín Sánchez Bailló (Rust Factory / Sunnday Records) in the production of drums and voice, Zagg (Zaggarts) in the production of guitars and bass, and the well-known international engineer Jens Bögren (Fascination Street / Sweden) in the mixing and mastering.

Faithful to its recognized perfectionism, the band has not neglected the design of this new job and has relied on graphic designer / Illustrator Nacho Galacho, who has brought his insight from the music to the visual art.


Morgana vs Morgana, 2010, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal

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Voces - Carlos Pagola
Guitarra - Javier Corts
Guitarra - Zagg
Bajo - Ral Pagola
Batera - Vicente Merodio

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