Morgana vs Morgana - III. De Lo Inevitable (2011)

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Morgana vs Morgana - III. De Lo Inevitable (2011)

Artist: Morgana vs Morgana
Title Of Album: III. De Lo Inevitable (1st EP of a Trilogy)
Year Of Release: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock - Alternative Rock
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: mp3, 320kbps
Total Size: 86 MB + Artwork

Morgana vs Morgana - Official Site

1. Donde Nace El Mar (6:10)
2. ...De Lo Inevitable (8:02)
3. Nuestro Despertar (6:59)
4. Una Vida Mejor (6:58)

Morgana vs Morgana - III. De Lo Inevitable (2011)

Morgana vs Morgana – III. De Lo Inevitable (2011)

mp3, 320kpbs:
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This is the new job of Spanish rock band Morgana vs Morgana. A set of four songs which are the beginning of a trilogy about the Moiras (fates), to be continued with the edition of two more EP’s in the coming years.
This EP shows the unavoidable aspects of our life, the pursuit of our goals, loneliness, fear, fight, love and death. The vision of the human being which gives us a rock band in full musical maturity.

For people who loves Tool, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia...


Morgana vs Morgana, 2011, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock

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Voces - Carlos Pagola
Guitarra - Javier Corts
Guitarra - Zagg
Bajo - Ral Pagola
Batera - Vicente Merodio

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