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Автор: radzim | 2 сентября 2011 | Просмотров: 1459 Mp3
  • 100

"Screaming Demon"
CD presentation


information about MIDIAN:

Miriam Granatello-vocals
Valerio Passaretti-lead guitar
Gianluca Bertolino-guitar
Andrea La Vecchia-drums
Omar Noviello-bass

MIDIAN were born thanks to Valerio Passaretti, in 2007.
The first recordings start at the end of the same year where every singol instrument is playing by his leader. The band doesn't exist yet, only a singer decide to join Valerio in a four songs recording. Time goes by and songs have approvals in different occasions. Two years later, in October 2009, Valerio looks for brand new members for the band. He finds four musicians, born to belong to MIDIAN.
Gianluca Bertolino, Andrea La Vecchia, L.G. succeeded in the new singer Miriam Granatello (the Guano Apes cover band 's voice), O.F. succeded in Omar Noviello in 2010.
Four musicians with very good background experiences and attitude to the stage.
The first album of MIDIAN "Screaming Demon" came out in march 2011 after eight long months of hard work in the recording room, with the powerful and unsual female voice of Miriam Granatello who gave, to the old and the brand new songs ,a mark and style totally new in the Death Metal scene.
The band introduced itself officially on 7th April 2011 at the " Black Cat " club in Caserta as a live performing show within the Claudio Simonetti's band " Daemonia".
The album is going great and is having good approvals in Death Metal magazine reviews.
The singol " Dark Eden" is going on air in different indipendent radios in the Middle Italy and "Living Madness" was chosen by the showman Frank Matano, in one of his very clicked and popular videos on youtube website.
Let's see who these guys are!
After a lot of very appreciated performances, the band has different collaborations such as the New Zealender film director, Peter Panoa: MIDIAN played his short film's soundtrack "I heard" and took part in the film, beeing themselves.
In 2010, the band work to the selfmade production of the demo "World In Flames" and to the DVD (live) with the performance of "Gladiator Emergent Fest"; by the way, the Intro Videoclip was playing by Peter Panoa: this will be the openpart of the band in every concert.
MIDIAN supported national and international bands such as The Eldritch, Sawthis, Daemonia (Claudio Simonetti band), Marco Mendoza Band and God Dethroned.
The band won the "Gladiator Emergent fest" made in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, close to Caserta, in june 2010, and the "Nocelleto Free Music" made in Nocelleto in july 2010.

managment: Minny Doraspike - dora@midianband.com
info-line: info@midianband.com

My Webpage




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#1 написал: ADminS         2 сентября 2011 14:24

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Я всё вижу
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Помоему достойная группа :)

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#2 написал: radzim         2 сентября 2011 15:06

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спасибо ad

спасибо ad

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#3 написал: sherik74         2 сентября 2011 15:10

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даёш альбом в прослушке

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#4 написал: radzim         2 сентября 2011 15:58

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