The Southern Oracle - Hellwakening (2011)

Автор: st.liar | 1 июля 2011 | Просмотров: 1500 Mp3
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The Southern Oracle - Hellwakening (2011)

Исполнитель: The Southern Oracle
Альбом: Hellwakening
Страна: Hungary
Год выхода: 2011
Жанр: Metalcore / Deathcore
Время: 0:44:12
Качество: VBR V0 (Scene)
Размер: 84.20 Мб

01. Allnighters
02. Sineater
03. I Am Cerberus
04. Monument
05. Scarlet and Gold
06. Bring the Children Home (feat. Mike Schleibaum)
07. The Ghost Key
08. Scavengers
09. Fear Comes in Waves
10. Hellwakening (feat. Zoltan Jakab)

The Southern Oracle - Hellwakening (2011)

Удалено по требованию правообладателя! // It is removed on request of the legal owner!


The Southern Oracle, 2011, Metalcore, Deathcore

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#1 написал: Zoltan Jakab         1 июля 2011 12:16

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Dear site owners,

this is Zoltan Jakab from Budapest, Hungary, if you want to identify me more properly, I was a member of Newborn and Bridge To Solace, both bands had their fair share of run in the international hardcore/punk/metal scene as well as I'm a local promoter in Budapest for 13 years and have pretty much built up a vital scene with a couple friends of mine from nothing. I am currently working for The Southern Oracle, who are one of the most promising bands to come out of Hungary. The band released this record on their own yesterday as a one-time digipak CD of 100 copies pressed and they are hoping to look for a record label with this. A label is interested. A label who is dedicated enough, but has limited resources, as nowadays you have to work on releasing CD's at least twice as hard as ten years ago.

A careless "fan" uploaded their record and this is something this band cannot afford. Cause a label with limited resources WILL NOT be interested once this record is pasted all over the internet.

These guys and myself have worked over a year with this release. Over a year of writing music and lyrics, rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, drawing, designing. All on our own, without zero corporate help. Because we believe this is good. We printed a 100 CD's, because that was the amount the band could afford and then we were happy, because we have found a label who cared. The Southern Oracle is talent, they are not a well-established corporate rockmachine. They don't get to play 150 shows a year where they can cash in on high guarantees and sell merchandise to make up for whatever has been lost with their record going online.

We respectfully ask you to take the links off, even if legally you're only linking the Ifolder site and not hosting the material online.

Thanks for your understanding. In case anyone wants a chat about this, ideas, etc., I'm open to talk through email zjakab80 at gmail dot com

Zoltan Jakab

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#2 написал: diemond         1 июля 2011 14:07

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ого, вот оно как

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#3 написал: ADminS         1 июля 2011 18:09

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Я всё вижу
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Закрыл раздачу :)

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#4 написал: Argentum         1 июля 2011 18:13

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Human 2.0
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Такую рекламу просрали!

Zoltan Jakab, you've just fucked up a great chance to promote your group, sorry :(

So let us be vulgar
Let us tear things apart
Let us not mind our language
Let us ruin yet another start

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#5 написал: pepsi1         1 июля 2011 19:55

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Вынос Мозга
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#6 написал: Kronos         1 июля 2011 20:04

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Поздно, по сети гуляет вовсю. Ваще с инетом бороться бесполезно. Воришки везде, как пидорги, они заполонили всю планету))


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#7 написал: mittal         1 июля 2011 21:00

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Главред (сделал bakzer)
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Р2Р он никак не закроет ap


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#8 написал: saw210575         8 июля 2011 00:26

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Предприимчивый какой! Одним словом болгарин))) А альбомчик-то я бы послушал, но не успел, в ОТПУСКЕ был! az

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