Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti (2011)

Автор: deathember | 17 июня 2011 | Просмотров: 1032 Mp3
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Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti (2011)

Style: Screamo
Bitrate: Vbr
Size: 65 mb


01 Se la notte sogno, sogno di essere un maratoneta
02 Nirvana
03 Trasparenti oscure virtu
04 Costellazione secondo le leggi del caso
05 Raein rumore. Tre
06 Oggi ho deciso di diventare oro
07 Attualita dell'utopia
08 Abitudine, cerimonia, magia.
09 Dopo di noi la liberta
10 Come materia infinita

Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti (2011)


2011, Screamo, Raein

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#1 написал: triggerdoom         17 июня 2011 13:21

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Что-то я совсем не понял - это что за альбом? Новый? Адик ведь недавно выкладывал компиляцию 2011 года с некоторыми новыми песнями. Хотя какая разница - это ведь Раеин!

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#2 написал: hagguhsem         17 июня 2011 13:31

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Hi everyone. "Sulla linea dell'orizzonte fra questa mia vita e quella di tutti gli altri" is our new record. 10 years have passed from our first record. Of course, many things changed since then, but some others remain unchanged. this stillness is both necessity and energy for us. This record is completely self-produced, and for us it is a tribute to that way of thinking and acting, the "do it yourself" way, that was our fundamental constant during the last 10 years, because there is no other basical need apart from the will to do things. This is an easy thing to say and also an easy one to put in practice, and during this time we found out that self production can be something more than just a starting point. The record will be out on vinyl (500 copies) within one week, and we will have it with us during our Eastern Europe tour.

кстати с офф сайта можно скачать тоже

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#3 написал: Саша- лучший друг         17 июня 2011 13:37

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Best Friend
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Вот это прикол))


DEATH_core (death, metalcore/pdcore)

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#4 написал: IZ-US         18 июня 2011 00:28

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