Corporal Raid - Regressive Development (2005)

Автор: metal freak | 9 марта 2011 | Просмотров: 902 Mp3
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Corporal Raid - Regressive Development (2005)

Genre: Goregrind
Info: 320 kb/s, 70,8 MB

01. Hidrocarburic Transfiguration Into Neural Sistem Assimilated By Bilinear Capacity
02. Polyadric Intubator Increase Amorphic Atrocityies
03. Chronical Intrusion Of Fused Virulency Near To Replacing Metastasies For The Propagation Of Duplicated Cells
04. Auto-Surgery For The Final State Of Love, Now There Is A Periodical Psychic Interruption (A Go, Go)
05. Reedimed Climax Complete Subliminal Cacophony
06. Re-boots In Simple Process The Misanthropical Act Of Neural Circulation That Refuse A Simple Democracy Commanded By Brain
07. Retroreactive Hijacking Stipuling Anti Gravity For The New Xenomorphological Lad Dance And Tecno-Flesh Strip Tease
08. Gateways Of Distorted Subreality Addicted To Chaotic Paranoia
09. Ingrowing Of Alien Things In The Body (Malignant Tumour Cover)
10. Post-Mutation of Molecular Nano-Machines For Propulsionar Gamma Moltiplicator
11. Hypo-Termical Germs Combined By Molecular Plasma And FEB38K Realize The Feed Of Byocyborg Embryos
12. Envolved In THC
13. Porcu Nieddu Fais Scrementi Mannu
14. Massive Interiority; Accelerated Language; Sleeping State; Chemical Autophagia
15. Fastest Cerebral Bisfunction On Hidrogen Fission
16. Cerebral Menses (Part 2)
17. Gas From Ass (Malignant Tumour Cover)
18. Internal Bacterial Flow Begin Sexual Moltiplication For New Still Birth Flatulance
19. Impossible Definition
20. Drastical Cripple Simbiosy For Chemiophobia Process
21. Xenomorphological Gore Grind
22. Defection Of Mielinic Guaina In The Arachnoid Of The Fashion Victims Who Lies In Us
23. Noihsaf Rof Latem Kcalb
24. I Venti Dell'odio (Sottopressione Cover)

Corporal Raid - Regressive Development (2005)


Corporal Raid, 2005, Goregrind

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