Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]

Автор: Unknown | 12 января 2011 | Просмотров: 6438 Mp3, Lossless
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Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]

Band: Hellsongs
Album: Minor Misdemeanors
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock/Acoustic
Origin: Sweden, Gothenburg
Released: July 2010
Label: Lovely/Tapete/Minty Fresh/Aporia
Released: 2010
Play Time: 00:40:38
Format: CBR 320 kbps + cover | FLAC (tracks), cue + cover
Size: 94 Mb | 264 Mb
Tracks: 10

Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]


01. Skeletons of Society (04:02)
02. Heaven Can Wait (05:00)
03. Welcome To The Jungle (03:12)
04. Walk (04:47)
05. I Wanna Be Somebody (04:15)
06. Rubicon Crossings (04:10)
07. School's Out (03:07)
08. Sin City (03:44)
09. Youth Gone Wild (03:37)
10. United (04:45)


Siri Bergnéhr - Vocals
Johan Bringhed - Piano, Keyboards
Kalle Karlsson - Guitars

Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]

Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]

The energetic Siri Bergnéhr has more or less always been drawing attention to her speedy character. Sometimes this means talking and giggling at the same time in a very charming way. Sometimes it meant waving the then very little hand through the car door (in strict opposition to her parents will!), getting a finger almost snatched off by the root. This as the door was closed quickly and heavily by her elder brother, which her parents of course saw coming when warning her...
One fixed finger and twenty years later our heroine moves from the countryside outside Söderköping, to Swedens finest - Gothenburg - to become the next Vivienne Westwood. Quickly she hooks up with the Hellsingers as the brain behind their stage outfits, and it´s clear now that there were only a few steps from that position to the throne of Lounge Metal.

Bringlord, Bringhood, Dr Bringlove. A dear child has many names... The Stevie Wonder of Hellsongs matched the elite of Sweden when it comes to match weight at birth. Little Johan weighed in at 6 kilos and made an echo all over Gothenburg!
The newborn Bringbaby quickly developed an interest in the keys of the piano and in mathematics. This combination give the songs of Hellsongs their very own and loungey character.

The axemaster in the band has a dubios past in the brotherhood of the hippiefarmers. A way too stressful living in the epicenter of Gothenburg made the blonde guitarist yearn for the countryside. With a jar of Sauerkraut under his arm and a naive smile on his lips he moved out to a bunch of slackers, living very tightly together in a tiny, tiny house.
Rumours say that he actually managed to bring up at least one carrot a year but quite soon the call from the city was too strong and he abandonded the rural lifestyle. Nowadays the tall handsome tries to persuade people not to eat cod from the Baltic sea, it is soon extinct.

Hellsongs - Minor Misdemeanors [HQ]


Hellsongs, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Acoustic, 2010

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