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Топ релизов

I Am Sonic Rain - Between Whales And Feverish Lights (2010)

Автор: shuffle | 27 октября 2010 | Просмотров: 2053 Mp3
  • 100
I Am Sonic Rain - Between Whales And Feverish Lights (2010)

Artist: I Am Sonic Rain
Album: Between Whales And Feverish Lights
Year: 2010
Genre: post-rock
Origin: Italy

Imagine a band that has been fathered by MGMT, mothered by Sigur Ros, and sent to live with their godfather, Thom York. The end result would be the Italian band, I Am Sonic Rain. With their new weather-themed album, Between Whales and Feverish Lights, I Am Sonic Rain brings an entirely unique and instrumental listening experience to their audience. It is an epic album that can either leave you breathless or incredibly anxious. The album is a cascading waterfall of different sounds to penetrate your ears. It moves slowly and lulls you into a false sense of security, until you find your ears are being surrounded by a chaotic whirlwind of noises. Sometimes it's unsettling, but still in a beautiful way. It is not unlike the way a painting can take on all sorts of different interpretations. The album can take you to both light and dark places. It all depends on where you want to go. 'Our music originates from the cobalt blue of metropolitan storms, the gray skies above the plain, the claps of thunder in the night, the stinging tinkle of rain drops and the hush of dense fog. It's a combination of hazy colors and pelting rain that falls violently over people's minds, leading and accompanying them in a sonic journey without breaks,' says pianist Andrea Sara. You can feel this throughout each song. They begin like a slow drizzle of rain, calm, and steady, until it starts to pour. The music swells into a storm of chaotic lightning and thunder

01 Jellyfish Are Murderers.mp3
02 Fog Is Drowning Us.mp3
03 It Had The Sound Of A Long Goodbye.mp3
04 Precipitate Isn't A Great Idea.mp3
05 When Everything Turns To Blue.mp3
06 Days All Seem The Same.mp3
07 As Rain We Fall.mp3
08 Just To Rise The Day After.mp3
09 The Nine Unknowns.mp3
10 Between Whales And Feverish Lights.mp3

I Am Sonic Rain - Between Whales And Feverish Lights (2010)

I Am Sonic Rain - Between Whales And Feverish Lights (2010)


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