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Топ релизов

The Sequence Of Prime - Virion (2010)

Автор: westdog666 | 20 июня 2010 | Просмотров: 1445 Mp3
  • 100
The Sequence Of Prime - Virion (2010)

Artist: The Sequence Of Prime
Album: Virion
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Style: Industrial/Progressive Thrash Metal
Bitrate: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Size: 76MB


1. Enlightenment 02:44
2. Cenozoic Anoxia 02:14
3. Backlit 04:34
4. Nuclear Winter 03:30
5. Icosahedron 01:59
6. Particulate Matter 04:44
7. Dandelions in Spring 03:21
8. Ecophagy 01:06
9. Extremophile 02:31
10. Compression 03:17
Total playing time: 30:00

The Sequence Of Prime - Virion (2010)

The Sequence Of Prime - Virion (2010)


The Sequence Of Prime, 2010, Industrial Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal

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#1 написал: tino         20 июня 2010 17:32

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Erik(of Lords of Metal):
Who of you people know what primes are and what they stand for? Mathematicians are still riddled by this phenomenon. It actually is a number that can stand on its own. That must have been the idea behind the brainchild of this guy from Kansas called Brandon Duncan when he started The Sequence Of Prime. He stands alone and does everything by himself : from programming to playing and singing. And I might add he is a fresh wind going through the thrash and industrial scene. Not just a mere summation of riffs but great songs. Think SYL, think Slayer meets Ministry and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. ‘Virion’ is the second effort of Brandon and actually is a concept album where a virus is destroying not just worlds but galaxies! Rarely it happens that an album can take you in. It’s raw, it’s loosely arranged, and it’s primitive but very honest and innovative with a vocal achievement many will be jealous of. Brandon is a great thrash metal vocalist! Another think great about him is the universal attitude this guy presents his band with. You can download the album from any source thinkable on the net for free. You however can (but do not have to) pay if you want the CD. So take a listen and I’m sure you just want to buy this, because a project like this should be supported!


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#2 написал: gobbazzo74         20 июня 2010 17:36

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Thank you!!!

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