Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)

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Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)

Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 164 Mb | Scans | Time: 56:47
Genre: Melodic Rock, AOR | Label: Escape Music | Cat. №: ESM179

Back to Shadowman: a band that is all about great rock music who will win you over with charm. Quality rock music is so hard to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn’t lost its way. It is always hard to follow on from a near perfect album like “Land of the Living”, but these guys did it with “Different Angles” and here we are again, two years on with a perfect release in the shape of “Ghost in the Mirror”. What this releases gives us is an extension of the band’s already established sound, with some clever twists. Check out the opener “No Man’s Land” with its warm vibe and effortless guitar work. There are no fillers on this CD, songs like “Road to Nowhere”, Fire and Ice” and “Keeper of my Heart” are all winners from start to finish. Undoubtedly their finest release to date “Ghost in the Mirror” will be eagerly awaited until its release later this year. A Contender for best release of 2008!

Overland-Shadowman | Wikipedia | Escape Music

Track Listing

1. Road To Nowhere (4:28)
2. No Mans Land (3:53)
3. Bad For You (4:56)
4. Colour Of Your Love (4:15)
5. Fire And Ice (4:57)
6. Keeper Of My Heart (5:34)
7. I've Been Wrong Before (6:08)
8. It's Electric (3:44)
9. Blues City (4:47)
10. Outlaws (4:58)
11. The Hard Way (4:55)
12. Little Miss Midnight (4:12)

Produced by Steve Morris

Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)

Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)

The Band

Steve Overland (Wildlife, FM, So!, The Ladder, Overland, AOR) - Lead Vocals
Steve Morris (Heartland, Export, Grand Illusion, Message, Newman, Change Of Heart) - Guitars, Keyboards
Harry James (Thunder, Magnum, Russ Ballard, Terraplane) - Drums
Chris Childs (Thunder, Bowes and Morley, Broken Wings, Sledgehammer Ledge, The Union) - Bass
Steve Millington (Heartland, Sad Cafe, 10 cc, Wax) - Keyboards

Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (2008)


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Shadowman, Steve Overland, Steve Morris, FM, Ladder, Heartland, Thunder, Melodic Rock, AOR, 2008
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