Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain (2008)

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Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain (2008)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal
Info: 149 Мб / 449 Мб
Length: 64.24 min
Size: mp3@320kbps / FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Country: Finland (Turku)

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain (2008)


1. Down the Nails 08:00
2. Pillars Under Water 05:06
3. Born of a Jackal 07:21
4. The Last of the Templars 08:51
5. The Spartan 10:36
6. A Man Called Horse 10:04
7. The Funeral Pyre 14:25


Chritus (Christian Lindersson) - Vocals (Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Terra Firma)
Peter Inverted - Guitar (Orne, Reverend Bizarre)
Jussi "Iron Hammer" Myllykoski - Bass
Gareth Millsted - Drums (Centurions Ghost, End of Level Boss)

”Fear no Pain” is the debut full length outing of the Finnish/Swedish/British all-star traditional doom metal act Lord Vicar, featuring Peter Inverted of the now defunct REVEREND BIZARRE on guitars, Hammond and Mellotron, CENTURIONS GHOST drummer Gareth Millsted, ex-SAINT VITUS and COUNT RAVEN singer Christian Lindersson and finally Jussi "Iron Hammer" Myllykoski on bass. WITCHFINDER GENERAL, SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM and to a certain degree CANDLEMASS are known as the first true doom metal bands, influenced by BLACK SABBATH. Lord Vicar is then again heavily influenced by said old school doom metal bands. The announcement of the REVEREND BIZARRE split-up in 2007, resulted in many broken doom metal hearts all over the globe. Unlike many other bands though, REVEREND BIZARRE quit while they still were at the top of their game, and this split-up opened a passage for two new interesting bands; namely Peter Inverted’s Lord Vicar and Albert Witchfinder’s THE PURITAN. Peter and Albert are two incredibly creative souls and 2009 will be a nice year for them both, seeing THE PURITIAN’s first album “Lithium Gates“ is just around the corner.

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain (2008)

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain (2008)


FLAC (tracks+.cue)


Lord Vicar, 2008, Traditional Doom Metal
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#1 написал: Mechman         6 февраля 2009 07:27

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Умгх - выглядит сексуально - качаем! Спасибо автору!

No return, life's a game of gamble
And this time I'm not playing to win

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#2 написал: Devildog         7 февраля 2009 11:53

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Очень напоминает утяжеленный и слегка замедленный Black Sabbath. Особенно вокал ну точь в точь как у Оззика.

Ищу лосей! Зовут Avenger Of Blood - Complete Annihilation [2005] и Smothered - The Inevitable End [2013]

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#3 написал: rosamaxa         13 августа 2010 14:29

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Одна из лучших работ в ДУМе за последние 4-5 лет!

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#4 написал: billy boy         10 декабря 2012 14:40

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